Booster Breaux

Police Jurors
Title: Ward 8 Juror
Phone: 985-252-6769 or 985-518-3002

Mr. Booster Breaux represents the residents of Ward 8 in Assumption Parish. He began his term as Police Juror of Ward 8 in January of 2008. 

He presently serves as Chairman of the Economic Development and Personnel committees and also serves as a member many others, including:
  • Drainage
  • Federal Programs
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Recreation
  • Road and Bridge

Career & Community

Booster has made his career in the Auto Sales industry, and is currently working at Barbera Chevrolet.  He and his wife reside in Pierre Part.


2631 Lee Drive

Pierre Part, LA 70339

Ward Map

View the map of Ward 8 (PDF)

2010 United States Census data shows there are 2,715 people living in Ward 8.


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