Land Development Ordinance Revisions

View the revised Land Development Ordinance (PDF)

Private Developments & Family Subdivisions

In private developments, the streets typically are not accepted for maintenance by the Parish. In such cases, streets must still be built to the Parish standards. Family subdivisions are designed to accommodate families living on large tracts of land (perhaps a farm) and therefore the street may be surfaced in aggregate. However, the Parish would not accept such a street for maintenance unless it was brought up to the Parish standard.

Gated Entrances

Some private developments have gated entrances. The Parish will require a special arrangement with the developer in order to ensure quick and adequate entrance and exit through such gates for emergency vehicles.

Homeowners Association and/or bonds will be required in order to assure there is a means to maintain shared infrastructure well into the future since this will not be done by a public body.

Waste Collection

The Parish's public waste carrier will not travel on private streets so the developer will have to document arrangements have been made for waste collection.

Manufactured / Mobile Home Parks or Communities

Manufactured or mobile home parks or communities are held under a single owner, partnership or corporation for the purpose of leasing space for the placement of manufactured or mobile homes. These are very similar to private subdivisions, but the land is never sold, it is only rented or leased.

In such developments, there is usually an internal road system. This road must have a minimum right-of-way of 40 feet but may have an aggregate surface.


Set-backs for individual homes are similar to structures on private individual lots: 20 feet from the street right-of-way; 8 feet per side and 10 feet from rear.

Utilities, Waste & Safety Requirements

 Fire Hydrants may be required, and other specific requirements include:
  • Fire extinguishing equipment
  • Private sewage treatment system that is screened from the public's view
  • Proper utilities
  • Street lighting
  • Waste collection with dumpsters

Home Space Requirements

Spaces for the manufactured/mobile home must:
  • Be at least 5,000 square feet
  • Front on the internal or public road
  • Have 2 off-street parking spaces
  • Have appropriate concrete footing
  • Have a minimum width of 50 feet
  • Sufficient space for homes
The owner will be required to provide a fence of vegetative buffer around the property and keep a record of mobile home occupants.